NUDA Spray Tan


Aftercare required - Lasts 7-10 days

WHAT IS IT? Spray tanning temporarily colors the skin. The active ingredient that creates the bronzed effect is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). DHA is derived from sugar cane or beet root. This ingredient interacts with the proteins and amino acids found in the top layer of the skin to create the desired tanned color. DHA is the primary ingredient found in all spray tanning solutions and self-tanning products.

AFTERCARE: You must let the tan develop for 8-12 hours, then you will rinse it off. It is recommended to avoid contact with any liquids during this time until you can rinse the excess tanning solution off. Premature exposure to fluids may prevent the NUDA solution from working its magic. You will be provided with more detailed aftercare upon booking.