Lash FAQ


I want to try lash extensions, but I don't know how it works or where to start?

You start by booking a full set. Your choice of Classic, Hybrid, Volume or Megavolume, depending how dramatic/full you would like. The lash type and the price affects how full the lashes will be. The length does not affect the price, and there is a variety of lengths for each lash type. You will need to leave a deposit for the full set.

As the lash extensions shed, you book fill appts to replace the lost lashes and maintain the look of a full set. There is no deposit for fills, but there is a cancellation fee of 50% the appt cost if you no-show or cancel last minute.

You can't book a fill unless you still have lash extensions left. There are 3 fill sizes to accommodate how often you want to come back. 

You can also let the lashes fall off on their own if you don't want to keep up with them, or book a removal.

What type/size fill should I book and when?

When booking a fill, you can choose to switch to a different lash type, or keep with the same lash type. For example, if you currently have classic lashes, you could choose a hybrid fill for a little more fullness. At your fill, you can also choose a shorter/longer length or different curl.

There are 3 different sized fills for each lash type. Keep in mind a full set (your lashes at their best potential) is around 100-120 lashes per eye.

Small fill - adding 30 lashes per eye - A very quick touchup. Should be less than 2 weeks since the last appt. If it's more than 2 weeks, do not book this. This fill is for lashes that are still full but you want to freshen them up, maybe for a special event. Or clients who live nearby and want to come often may choose to book this regularly. You must contact to book a small fill, all other fills can be booked online.

Regular fill - adding 60 lashes per eye - Most popular. Usually 2.5-3 weeks since your last appt. Your lashes should be around half full still to book this.

Large fill - adding 90 lashes per eye. For when your lashes really need some love. Usually a month since your last appt. Lashes need to be at least 20% full to book this. If you can count your lashes and only have a couple left, you need to book a full set.

Why do lash extensions shed? Why can't lash extensions, or a lash lift/tint last longer or last forever?

Your natural lash cycle causes your body to grow new lashes & shed old ones in a cycle. Just like your skin cells, the hair on your head, and everything else on your body. Lash extensions are bonded individually to each of your natural lashes, so the extensions sheds when the natural lash does in its cycle. Same with lashes that have been lifted/tinted. 


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