Lash Extensions


Eyelash extensions enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. The lashes are applied one by one to your individual natural eyelashes. Preserving your lash health while giving you the lashes of your dreams.

Start by booking a Full Set. To maintain the look of your lash extensions, you must come for fill appointments. A regular fill every 2-3 weeks is most recommended.

You can add on a bottom lash tint to complete the look!

When you're ready to get rid of your lash extensions, book a lash extensions removal.

Reach out if you have questions!


Full Sets

If you don't have lash extensions yet, start here!

Choose your lash type, then choose your fullness. Everybody's different, lashes aren't one size fits all!

How full do you want your lashes?

Light - Less full. Ideal for those wanting a very subtle look. Or clients with smaller eyes or less natural lashes. Light sets do not last as long since we are starting with less lash extensions.

Standard - Medium fullness. Full coverage without too much drama.

Luxe - Maximum fullness. Ideal for clients seeking the fullest, longest lasting set. Or clients with large eyes or many natural lashes. Luxe sets last the longest since we are starting with as many lash extensions as possible.



Light Set (80 lashes per eye)


Standard Set (100 lashes per eye)


Luxe Set (120 lashes per eye)


Single lash extensions. Adding length, thickness and definition.


Light Set (80 lashes/fans per eye)


Standard Set (100 lashes/fans per eye)


Luxe Set (120 lashes/fans per eye)


Half Classic, Half Volume.



Light Set (80 fans per eye)


Standard Set (100 fans per eye)


Luxe Set (120 fans per eye)


Handmade fans of 2-7 thin, delicate lashes. Adding fullness as well as length.


Light Set (80 mega fans per eye)


Standard Set (100 mega fans per eye)


Luxe Set (120 mega fans per eye)


Handmade fans of 8-15 thin, delicate lashes. For maximum fullness, while adding no extra weight to your lashes.



Fills are required to maintain the look of lash extensions. They last as long as you keep re-filling them! In order to book a fill, you must have already have lash extensions

Regular fills are the most recommended. Book this at 2-3 weeks since your last lash appointment.

If you have a lash mishap, or it's been more than 3 weeks, you can book a large fill. You must have at least 20% of your lashes remaining.

If it's been more than 4 weeks, or you can count the lashes you have left, it's time for a new set!

You do not need to stay with the same lash type when booking a fill, you can change it up!


Regular fill (50 lashes per eye)


Large fill (70 lashes per eye)



Regular fill (50 lashes/fans per eye)


Large fill (70 lashes per eye)




Regular Fill (50 fans per eye)


Large Fill (70 fans per eye)



Regular Fill (50 mega fans per eye)


Large Fill (70 mega fans per eye)



Quick Touchups

Quick lash touchups are for clients who like to come more often than a regular fill, or if you need a touchup before a special event and it's too soon for a regular fill. Book this around 1-1.5 weeks since your last lash appointment. Do not book this if it's been more than 2 weeks.

It is not recommended to switch lash types at a quick touchup. The appointment is very short and meant just to be a freshen up!

Classic Quick Touchup

30 lashes per eye

Hybrid Quick Touchup

30 lashes/fans per eye

Volume Quick Touchup

30 fans per eye

Megavolume Quick Touchup

30 mega fans per eye


Other Related Services

Bottom Lash Tint

Add-on for $15+tax

Dyes your bottom lashes dark to complete the look! Mascara is not recommended as it will ruin your lash extensions. Avoid putting it the bottom so you don't risk transferring any to your extensions. A bottom lash tint is a way to darken your lower lashes without risking ruining your extensions. Lasts up to 8 weeks.

Lash Extensions Removal


When you're ready to let go of your lash extensions, book a gentle professional removal. A cream is applied to dissolve the bonds of the extensions.

Never pick your lash extensions off. Picking could result in damaging your natural lashes.




Are Lash Extensions Damaging to my natural lashes?

No, this is a actually a huge myth!

When applied correctly, lash extensions do not damage your natural lash health. Lash extensions should always be applied perfectly isolated on each of your natural lashes, NEVER clumped together. Your lash artist should never apply heavier than what your natural lashes can hold. Every body is different, meaning your lash extensions are customized to be what's best for YOU & YOUR natural lashes!

Lash Extensions fall out because of your natural lash cycle, which is occurring anyways. So those lashes that fall out, would have already been shedding and re-growing. You're just more aware when there's an extension attached!